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Thomas A. Storey

A black and white portrait of Thomas A. Storey

Thomas A. Storey (1875 - 1943) was a professor of hygiene at Stanford University between 1906 and 1940, with a lengthy leave of absence to study and teach on the East Coast. After receiving his MD from Harvard in 1906 (after already serving as an assistant professor at Stanford for four years), Storey returned to Stanford to teach hygiene, physical education, and sexual education full time. 

In his classes, Storey taught his Stanford students theories of eugenics and racial health. As shown in Stanford course lists from the first few decades of the 1900s, eugenics was taught to Stanford students as part of mandatory courses on hygiene and health.

Storey also authored many popular textbooks on hygiene, all of which endorsed eugenic theories and measures. In his 1920 General Hygiene, for instance, Storey taught his students that “the relation of pauperism, mental degeneracy and crime to heredity justifies community interference,” referring to coerced sterilization or institutionalization.

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